What are Your OPTIONS when your Application is Refused?

This will review some of the consequences of submitting false information in your applications; and your options when application is refused.

It is a popular saying that “ignorance of the law is not an excuse”

This statement is even more true in relation to visa applications because the fact that you made an “honest” mistake in your application information does not exempt you from the consequences of the immigration law, in fact, under certain conditions, your honest or unintentional mistake could be classified as misrepresentation by the visa officer.

Misrepresentation means making false statements, or submitting false information or false documents when dealing with Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

Examples of document fraud include both false and altered documents, such as: passports and travel documents; visas; diplomas, degrees and apprenticeship or trade papers; birth, marriage, final divorce, annulment, separation or death certificates; police certificates. Providing conflicting information or lying on an application or in an interview with a visa officer is also considered as fraud and a crime according to immigration law.

Consequences of Document Fraud or Misrepresentation:

  • Your application will be refused; and depending on the situation, other consequences may include:
  • no entry into Canada for at least two years
  • a permanent record of fraud in Citizenship & Immigration Canada database
  • having your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship revoked
  • being charged with a crime or removal from Canada.

Options when application is refused:

Why wait until your first or second application is refused before contacting an authorized immigration professional?

My advice to all applicants is to seek professional assistance from an authorized Canadian immigration representative or immigration lawyer so they can review the reasons for refusal; and take appropriate actions according to Canadian immigration law.

Please understand that if you don’t have adequate and updated knowledge of the Canadian immigration law, it is much better and cheaper to use the services of immigration practitioners. They will help you to prepare and present a strong application from the start; and maximize your chances of success.

Why Use an Authorized Immigration Representative?

  • They are experienced and have the qualification and training necessary to apply proper decision making while presenting your case to immigration officers.
  • The information on the immigration department’s website is general in nature, and cannot possibly contemplate the infinite factual scenarios that applicants might present when applying. Having a representative will direct you to the correct process and will act on your behalf when things go wrong during the process.
  • If you encounter a problem that needs to be escalated, which is not uncommon, you will hardly find information on the immigration department’s website as to where to direct your complaint or question. Immigration consultants and lawyers receive updates of the immigration department’s protocols on how to direct such queries.

Thank you for reading.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need assistance with any Canadian visa/immigration matters.

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