Business Visa

Permanent residence under 3 Federal economic immigration programs

We assist companies and private individuals in obtaining Canadian visas and travel documents and we also provide customized information to facilitate their smooth entry into Canada upon arrival at the airport or other Port-of-entry in Canada.

Our services to employers/businesses include, but not limited to the following:

  • Business Visitor Visas
  • Work Permits, LMO exempt (NAFTA, GATS, and Intra-Company Transferees)
  • Work Permits with LMO
  • Extension of work Permits
  • Restoration of Status
  • Permanent Residence through the Canadian Experience Class,
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Federal Skilled Worker Application through Job Offer.

*Work permits for spouses of some of the work permit and study permit holders; and temporary resident visas for their dependent children.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

– Peter F. Drucker

Canadian Study Permits

Apply or Extend Your Study Permits

To EXTEND Your Visa and/or RESTORE Your Status in Canada.
Temporary Residents in Canada include: Visitors, Foreign Students & Temporary Workers.
NOTE: Every foreign resident in Canada (visitor, student or temporary worker) has a limited time to be in Canada according to the immigration law. And it is the duty of these people to understand how long they are authorized to stay within Canada; and when to extend and/or restore their visas, if applicable.
Advantages of Studying in Canada
Do you know that as a Canadian student on valid study permit, you can study & work part-time? You may also be eligible to apply for the following visas?

  • Work Permit for your Spouses or Common-law Partners;
  • Temporary Resident Visas for Dependent Children;
  • Post-graduation work permit (8 months or 3 years);
  • Permanent Residence Status; and
  • Canadian Citizenship

WHY should you extend your study permit?

  • To maintain valid temporary resident status;
  • To qualify for post-graduation work permit;
  • To be eligible for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class.

WHEN should you extend your permit?

  • 30 days prior to expiration; and you can apply Online or submit paper application.

Is your study permit about to expire? We Can HELP. Please contact us immediately.

Are you out-of-status in Canada? Contact us immediately for HELP.
Under the Canadian immigration law, if you fail to extend your study permit before it expires, you are out of status, and your stay in Canada is illegal. You must therefore apply for restoration of your status.

Consequences of Living in Canada with EXPIRED Visa/Status.

  • When you visa expires, you are illegal in Canada
  • Must restore your status before you can extend your permit/visa
  • Must submit application to restore your status within 90 days of visa expiration;
  • Could face deportation;
  • Bad immigration records;
  • May have difficulties obtaining Canadian visas and/or visas to other countries in the future.

For full consultation and assistance, please contact Canada Choice Immigration Inc.; Phone: 1-416-890-0485.

“Education is the most Powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

Travel Document

Application for a Travel Document (Permanent Resident Abroad)

Permanent residents returning to Canada by airplane, boat, train or bus must show a valid PR Card or travel document before boarding. The following application is for permanent residents outside of Canada who need proof of their status so they can return to Canada. Use this travel document if you have lost your documents showing your permanent residence status.

Please contact Canada Choice Immigration Inc. for full consultation and assistance on obtaining Travel Documents.

Canadian Visitor Visas

Visa Refusals – How To MAXIMIZE Chances of Success

Experience shows that it is always very painful and frustrating to receive a letter from the Embassy stating that, for so and so reasons, your visa application has been refused.

Number 1: you invested a lot of time and efforts preparing the application;
Number 2: you paid the non-refundable visa application fees;
Number 3: you have probably got your bags and and baggage ready and informed your friends that you are leaving to Canada.

And finally, you receive this letter that informs you that your hope and hard efforts have been shattered; and you are not going anyway.

Believe me it is very frustrating.

But how about this popular phrase” Prevention is Better than Cure! Why did you decide to prepare the application by yourself and submit to the Embassy without seeking advice from a Canadian Licensed Immigration Consultant when you know that do not understand the Canadian Immigration Regulations.

Let’s look at a few scenarios: Note: the following cases were reported by individuals who applied for visa by themselves – without the help of a licensed immigration professional.

Situation A: Study Visa Refusal: A student obtained Admission Letter from an accredited Canadian school, paid the tuition and accommodation fees, and submitted some bank statements. But was still denied visa. Reasons: Purpose of Visit, Travel History, Insufficient Funds, etc

Situation B: Visitor Visa Refusal: A self-employed business man received a refusal despite the fact that his visa application included a return flight ticket, paid hotel reservation, signed invitation from a Canadian host; evidence of sufficient fund, etc. Reasons: Purpose of Visit.

Situation C: Work Visa Refusal: A work visa application with a duly signed Job Contract from a Canadian employer was denied by the officer stating that he was NOT satisfied that the applicant would depart Canada at the end of his authorized stay…

Situation D: A Permanent Residence Application was refused 2 years after submission, by the officer stating: ” We did not receive the additional information requested within the submission deadline…Based on that, we have made our decision based on the information on your file” This same individual complained to me he had submitted all documents to the visa office through DHL. So what went wrong?

The best way to avoid being refused a visa is to make sure that you have adequate knowledge of the Canadian Immigration Law; and you are current with immigration updates.

Visa Approval Ratings:

Some people believe they are super heroes; and they can do everything themselves, even submitting visa applications. However, based on my personal statistics, over 70% of applications, submitted and represented, by Licensed Canadian Immigration Specialists are approved. On the contrary, only about 20-30% of all applications submitted by applicants (who were not assisted and/or represented by immigration professionals) are approved.

NOW the question is: How can you Avoid this Type of Situations; and Maximize Your Chances of Success with Visa Applications???

Without doubt, the best solution is to use a licensed immigration professional. It may cost you some money. But I believe that would be better than wasting your time; and then getting refusals. Canadian licensed immigration professional have adequate training and knowledge of the Canadian Immigration Law; and they are able to deal with visa and immigration matters effectively. Also they can communicate well with the Canadian immigration authorities regarding your applications. In the worst case scenarios when an application is refused, these professionals can challenge the decisions of the visa officers, where applicable; and achieve positive outcome for you.


Before retaining an immigration consultant, please verify and ensure they are licensed; and their names appear in the official website of the “Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council” or ICCRC.

If you need help in verifying that, kindly contact me.
*If you have already submitted an application, we sign in as your representative and deal with the visa officers directly.

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Canadian Work Permits

How to Apply for Work Permits

We can help you with the following applications:

  • Business Visitor Visas
  • Work Permits, LMO exempt (NAFTA, GATS, and Intra-Company Transferees)
  • Work Permits with LMO
  • Extension of Work Permits
  • Restoration of Status
  • Work Permit for your spouse or common-law partner, if applicable;
  • Temporary Resident visas for your accompanying dependent children, if applicable.

For full consultation and assistance, please contact Canada Choice Immigration Inc. ; Phone: 1-416-890-0485.

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